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Science Fiction

Human souls are easily corrupted, once the darkness takes hold in the heart, it becomes near impossible to eliminate. The normal is the only thing she craved for the most. The one thing that had felt unfamiliar, for most of her life, she had spent it locked inside a world filled with pyromaniacs, sociopaths,  pathological liars, and the like. To her, this was what life is, these were the kinds of people she would be told were just like her. It's a dangerous place where survival is the most requested need, a world where she will discover that which is visible, is hardly the reality. Where all her life, shes’ lived amongst the shadows, and suddenly seeks the light in a mysterious world, she is granted the chance to discover what normal truly means.

F.C. Neil


Fire Series - Book 1


Intertwined by the serendipity of summertime, Jonathan Harris and Melissa Berry’s tale of unending affection serenades the recklessness that comes with teenage romance. Their chemistry began to unfold with an orange experience on Laguna Beach and became even brighter as days turned into weeks, then weeks into months. Challenged with forceful opposition from home and school, Melissa and Jonathan constantly proved that nothing would change their minds. Their love eventually led them into a place with untold power. An ancient forest with reportings of dark and mysterious accidents. It was terrifying, unimaginable, and it had only just begun…                                                                                                                   

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